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Residential Portfolio

ADVANCED SECURITY is a professional hard wire Security Company that uses Transmitters as a last resort (no batteries to worry about). Concealment of wires is our specialty and cleanliness is our goal. We have our own vacuum cleaners, drop cloths, and booties if necessary. Our Installers have been installing residential security, fire, and camera systems for years without one consumer complaint from the Bakersfield Better Business Bureau since we opened our doors for business (1993); we have their highest rating for honesty and integrity.

ADVANCED SECURITY uses the same techniques in protecting homes that we used in protecting the D.E.A., AT & F, and the Inspectors Generals Office in Bakersfield, CA. Our Security and Video systems are not easily defeated; it takes us approximately 8 Man Hours to install a Professional Security system in an average size home. Advanced Security uses Radio transmission of signals to the Central Station to back-up Telephone line signaling or replace it. Our systems cannot be defeated by knocking the keypad off the wall with a big hammer!!! If you want the Best…Call the Best… ADVANCED SECURITY.

Advanced Security Video Detection

In addition to installing sophisticated Security systems in homes, we also install sophisticated Video systems in homes as well. This Video installation uses Armored Camera Domes with Varifocal lenses, LED's for night viewing, High Definition, 1000+ lines of resolution, Tri-Axis adjustment of lenses, and Motion with facial detection built into all cameras. This Video system has off site viewing through the Internet so that the cameras can be viewed when away from home. All cameras are being recorded 24 hours a day so that defeating a camera has little effect on the system.

Advanced Security installing a multi-camera system surrounding the home.

Installing an Armored Dome camera at the peak of the roof.

One of the many wall-mounted cameras.

Another wall-mounted camera. The camera bases will be painted to match the exterior color.

A typical ceiling mounted Dome camera.

Installing a Dome camera under an outside eave for better concealment.

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