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Commercial Portfolio

ADVANCED SECURITY supervised the installation, coordinated with management and local Fire Jurisdictions in the successful completion of hundreds of large scale commercial Security/Fire/Card Access/CCTV camera systems to include some of the following:

IKEA Western Distribution Center, Lebec, CA

1,900,000+ Sq. Ft. under one roof. We designed and installed one of the largest Fire Evacuation systems in the San Joaquin Valley using UNIMODE & FIRELITE Fire Alarm Panels, Bilingual Voice (English and Spanish) Evacuation system. We installed 120 sets of DS Smoke Beams (60' x 350' / beam set) on the ceiling to cover the roof. We also installed throughout the six warehouses: 120 floor mounted Test stations for the ceiling mounted Smoke Beams; 74 Fire Pull Stations; 150 Speaker/Strobes and the entire Fire Alarm was powered by 14 6Amp power supplies.

The Security System consisted of a Radionics Security panel with Door contacts, Passive Infrared and Active Infrared detectors located throughout the warehouses. The CCTV camera system consisted of PELCO Spectra II PTZ cameras surrounding the building with a Pelco Head End. The cameras used UTP (CAT 5) cable connected to Balums. We pulled, secured, and connected over 20 miles of cable throughout the building.

IKEA Western Distribution Center, Lebec, CA. Security/Fire/Voice EVAC/CCTV

One of Six warehouses joined together under One roof.

Two of the Six Warehouses had ceilings in excess of 80' in the center.

All cable was pulled at ceiling height and then piped down to the device, i.e. Fire Pulls, Speaker/Strobes, door contacts, etc.

Installing two sets of Smoke Beams. It took two sets to span the distance across each warehouse 20 sets to cover one warehouse.

Three of the many 4 x 4 x 3/4" pieces of plywood we bolted to the ceiling of the building to hold the Smoke Beams.

Two of 120 Smoke Beam Test Stations mounted throughout the Warehouses.

A descending view of the Test Stations.

Tunnels were built through the shelving to assist the fork lift drivers. These "tunnels" had to have Speaker/Strobes and Fire Pulls.

This shows the piping coming down from the ceiling and the Steel flex running to the Speaker/Strobe.

Pulling cable for double fire circuits, feeds and returns, data Security, and CCTV.

Our designated work area, notice the 1000 foot spools of Fire Wire.

Our designated work area, notice the empty 1000 foot spools of cable, and the pipe on the ground - a small portion of the miles we installed.

A Speaker/Strobe combination with two Smoke Beam Test Stations.

Two 150Watt amplifiers, power supply, and a zoned speaker Distribution board, all connected back to the Main Unimode fire panel, located in the front office.

To the left two Speaker amplifiers. To the right a stack with two 6Amp Power Supplies and below are the rechargeable backup batteries.

One of the fourteen 6Amp Power Supplies located around the building.

800+ Amp/Hours of standby battery power located throughout the warehouses.


ADVANCED SECURITY installed a High Level Security and Camera system throughout the entire 4-story building including the Penthouse on top. The Penthouse is where the Young Americans hold their meetings.

Ronald Reagan Ranch Reception Center and Art Gallery, State Street, Santa Barbara, CA

Front entryway

Front entry, California Spanish.

A section of the Berlin Wall located in the front entry.

360 degree Passive Infrared Motion Detectors and Cameras throughout the building. Can you spot the three 360 degree motion detectors and two cameras?

One Mini Dome Camera and one corner mounted Motion Detector.

One of many Roof-mounted Cameras.

Penthouse on top of the roof serves as a meeting place and Conference room.

The main Alarm control panel with over 50 points of detection.

Zone expanders to expand the panel to 50+ zones.


ADVANCED SECURITY was chosen to install an Internet-connected video system to protect the Federal Courthouse construction site located in Bakersfield, CA. This project required the installation of two high-resolution cameras installed on two 25-foot poles located at opposite ends of the construction site. Because the distance from the cameras to the Head end (the top floor of the old Coca-Cola building, located on 19th Street) was over 1/2 mile, Long Range Video Transmitters had to be used.

Federal Courthouse, Bakersfield, CA Construction site.

Two video receivers mounted on a non-abrasive antenna mast located on top of the old Coca-Cola building.

The west side of the building showing the video receivers on top aimed at their respective transmitters on the camera poles.

Advanced Security personnel using a choker to help move and place one of the 4"x4"x25' poles which were then concreted in place.

Because of the large construction site, cameras had to be mounted at 20+ feet above the ground.

Advanced Security personnel mounting a camera and video transmitter.

The completed south/west corner camera and video transmitter.

The completed north/east corner camera and video transmitter.


The WASCO Parks & Recreation Center was experiencing problems with their Pool areas. People were using the facilities after hours and general loitering aroung the park areas. ADVANCED SECURITY designed and installed a video system using the latest in High Resolution, Day/ Night cameras with Auto tracking and Auto focus capability. All cameras are being recorded 24 hours a day, seven days a week with offsite viewing through the internet.

Entry sign leading into complex.

WASCO Recreation & Parks Building full Building Security with Radio transmission of Signals to Central Station and Total Connect Capability.

WASCO Recreation Building, Building Security with Radio transmission of signals.

Installing Cameras around the Pool area, this camera is an Auto Tracking, Auto focus, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) camera.

A better view of a PTZ camera mounted on a light pole. This camera will "Auto track" an Intruder and then "focus in" on the intruder.

Installing a High Resolution fixed Camera on another light pole. These Cameras have Day/ Night Capability.

A completed pole mounted, High Resolution fixed camera.

Adjusting one of many High resolution, Armored Dome cameras mounted around the facility.

Another completed mounted Armored Dome Camera.


ADVANCED SECURITY has designed a self contained camera system that records, 24 hours a day, all vehicle entry/exits into a secured housing area. The systems consists of two high resolution, license plate cameras, mounted on a 20 foot pole mounted in concrete. In addition an Armored Dome camera is also mounted on this pole to identify the vehicle and driver entering the complex.

All cameras are connected back to two double, lockable, steel boxes. The outer steel box is a weather tight enclosure that houses a 115 VAC power receptacle, two power supplies, and a fan motor to keep the contents cool in the summer time, The inner steel box contains a 8 Camera DVR with a two terabyte hard drive and a high resolution monitor screen. All recording is motion activated and can be recorded on a "USB flash drive" that can be removed and viewed on a remote computer. The inner box also has its own fan motor to keep the contents cool.

The main entry gate into the complex, notice the Advanced Security Video warning sign.

A secondary entry into the complex, notice the two licensed plate cameras mounted on a 20 foot pole, and in addition, a Armored Dome camera is mounted below the warning sign.

A rear view of the entry gate showing the 20 foot pole and the weather enclosure mounted on the rear wall. Up to 8 cameras can be mounted on this pole with complete recording of all cameras.

A better view of the weather tight enclosure with a lockable "T' bar handle. Two lockable heavy gauge steel boxes were used to make the system attack resistant.

A look inside with the cover removed from the inner box, showing the 8 camera DVR and monitor screen. A USB Flash drive and mouse sits in the bottom of the box to be used for future recording.

Another Gated complex with Four High Definition Cameras and 24 Hour recording of all cameras on two tera-bytes of Hard drive.

Two double lockable steel boxes containing all of the electronics and recording equipment mounted behind the center wall.

Three High Definition cameras, two covering the Entry and Exit Gates from the complex, with license plate identification, and one covering the side entry Gate, with facial identification. The Dome camera at the base of the pole is for Driver ID.


Throughout Kern County there are remote locations that house Farming equipment, pumping & irrigation equipment, supplies, and even offices. The only thing protecting these sites is a chain link fence and maybe some barb wire. Advanced Security has designed a multi-level Exterior and Interior Yard and Building security system that communicates to our 24 Hour Central Station via a 4G GSM Radio transmitter, no phone lines!!! This site shown has 6 separate levels of detection, the first level consist of surrounding the property with Four sets (600+ feet per set) of Pulsed Quad Synchro Active Infrared Beams, these beams form an invisible fence that can't be driven into or out of without detection, they are also good for people. The other Five levels of detection are confidential and do exist. The owners are notified on the first level of activation, we only dispatch the Police when we have two or more levels of activation.

Entry into complex. To the right of the entry is a 4"x 4" post with a Digital keypad mounted on it to Arm and Disarm the Yard Security system.

This complex has 6 Levels of detection devices located throughout the office & storage areas and two dual Siren/Strobe units. The Beams are only Level One!!!

Mounting an outdoor, lockable, enclosure for the Digital Keypad that turns off the Yard Security system. The Office area's remain Armed and are turned off by another keypad.

Pulling 4,000 feet of cable between the Beams.

Two Sets of Quad Synchro Active Infrared Beams completed.

600+ feet of Invisible detection.

600+ feet of invisible detection.

JP OIL, Shafter, CA

ADVANCED SECURITY designed a perimeter defense system, protecting 5,000+ feet of property, using ten sets of, 600+ feet, Synchro Quad Pulsed Active Infrared beams. This provided an invisible fence located inside the regular chain link fence. This invisible fence is monitored by our Central Station, 24 hours a day. Each set of beams reports independently of the other beams so that an entry/exit point can be determined. We also designed an Internet-connected video system as well as a total building security system, for a total of Six separate levels of detection that remain confidential.

JP Oil, Shafter, CA

Complete Building Security, Cameras, and total Yard Perimeter detection system.

Rear Building Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system with off-site viewing and building Security.

Rear Yard (7 Acres) - 5,000 feet of perimeter defense using Intelligent "Synchro Quad" Active Infrared Beams.

Advanced Security personnel boring holdes for the 4" x 4" x 7' steel poles, set in concrete to mount the Beams to.

Running electrical PVC conduit to each mounting pole for the connecting wiring.

Trenching and running 4,000+ feet of PVC that connect all the Beams together.

Using a combined trencher and spade shovel to dig and cover the trenching.

This shows the amount of trenching between the Beams.

Mounting two sets of Beams, notice the two protecting poles in front of the Beams, these poles were cut down to four feet and mounted in and filled with concrete.

Pulling cable between the Beams, notice the protecting pole filled with concrete in front of the two beams.

Finishing making the wiring connections.

One of the many completed dual sets of Beams surrounding the property.

Two Syncho Quad Active Infrared beams mounted back to back for increased range of over 1,000 feet.

WEST COAST CASH, Bakersfield, Porterville, Visalia, & Los Angeles, CA


Due to the nature of their business, West Coast Cash required the highest level of security which required a multi level security system that not even most banks have.All of these systems communicated to our 24 hour Central Station via three different paths, Telephone, Radio, and Internet. Total Connect allowed the owners to control all systems through their Smart phones and tablets.

American General Media Complex - Bakersfield, CA

American General Media consists of multiple buildings and their remote transmission sites. We installed complete security systems in each location with "TOTAL CONNECT" capability. Total Connect allows the owners to have complete control over their security systems through their Smart phones or Tablets. The following radio stations are controlled by AGM: 93.1 KKXX, 94.1 KISVSM, 96.9 KEBP, 101.5 KGFM, 1230 KGEO, 1180 KERN RADIO, and 1410 KERI (Scott C0x).

FRITO-LAY, Bakersfield and Visalia, CA

Frito Lay, Bakersfield, CA. One of the largest Potato Chip Plants in the US. Installed Card Access and Security Systems throughout the plant.

Installed a computerized Card Access Control System using Northern Computers Inc. software and hardware. Installed 5,000 feet of 2" EMT around the perimeter of the roof and 5,000 feet of 3/4" rigid and Rob Roy inside the plant. The pipe connected 58 perimeter and interior doors, controlled with the use of proximity card readers, MAG locks, emergency egress buttons and infrareds, touch sense bars, and magnetic door contacts.

The doors were then connected to fifteen N-1000 IV Control Panels located around the plant, which were then connected to their main computer via a series connected data line surrounding the plant. The door contacts were connected through the N-1000 IV panels for security on the plant.

We then installed a large Video system at the Visalia plant using PELCO CCTV equipment.

See Letter of Commendation

D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Administration), Fresno & Bakersfield, CA

Confidential Location

Confidential Location
Installed High-level Security, Fire, Card Access Control & CCTV systems in each location. See Letter of Commendation


Bakersfield Centennial Garden Arena (Rabo Bank Arena). Installed large security systems in both the Arena and the Bakersfield Convention Center.

Designed and installed large Security systems in each location using ADT FOCUS 200 control panels, door contacts, Motion detectors, and a couple miles of cable.


Stockdale Tower, Bakersfield, CA.

Tallest building in Bakersfield, 14 stories high. Installed a Voice EVAC Fire Alarm system, a Fireman's phone system, and a Energy Management Control panel. We used Silent Knight Control panels and Power Supplies with primary and secondary elevator recall on six separate elevators. We interface directly with the air handling system to control all exhaust and intake dampers located throughout the building.

Passed the Fire Alarm inspection the first time as well as all other Fire Alarms that we have installed.

NESTLE Ice Cream Plant, Bakersfield, CA

Nestle Ice Cream Plant, Bakersfield, CA

One of the largest Automated Ice Cream Plants in the world. Designed and installed the original (CARNATION Ice Cream Plant) FIRE EVAC System and integrated the Fire Alarm into the building management system for total Plant Shut-down. We installed 15,000+ feet of rigid and Rob Roy pipe throughout the plant connecting all Pull Stations, Horn/Strobe units, and a Full Sprinkler supervision system including the Pump Control House.

In 2002 ADT had us design and install a Security and Video system to cover all the North-side doors leading out from the plant. We integrated the Video system into the Security System so that when a North-side door was opened the nearest PELCO Spectra III PTZ camera would turn and focus on that door - identifying the person leaving. We installed over 5,000 feet of 3/4" rigid pipe connecting all the doors and camera locations.

JC PENNEY Department Stores

Installed Security/Fire/Supervisory systems in their new locations to include: Paso Robles CA, Selma CA, Turlock CA, Lompoc CA, Modesto CA, Visalia CA, and Fresno CA.

JCPenney - Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA Security & Fire Supervision systems installed.

JCPenney - Selma, CA Security & Fire Supervision systems installed.

JCPenney - Visalia, CA Security & Fire Supervision systems installed.

SMART & FINAL Grocery stores

Smart & Final, Bakersfield, CA. Complete Building Security and Sprinkler Supervision systems.

Installed Security/CCTV/temperature Supervisory systems in six locations to include San Luis Obispo CA, Chatsworth CA, Encinitas CA, Porterville CA, Bakersfield CA, and Fresno CA. We used RADIONICS & FOCUS 200 Security/Fire panels.

K-MART Stores

Big K-Mart - Dinuba, CA Security & Fire Supervision systems installed.

Installed Security/Fire/Supervisory systems in their Sun Valley (San Diego) CA, Dinuba CA, and Visalia CA stores using RADIONICS Security/Fire panels.


Home Depot - Clovis, CA Security & Fire Supervision systems installed.

Installed Security/Fire/Supervisory/CCTV systems in eight separate locations to include: Oceanside CA, Atascadero CA, Bakersfield CA, Visalia CA, Fresno CA, and Clovis CA.

PELCO Production Facility, Clovis CA

PELCO Building #1.

The largest manufacturer of CCTV equipment in the world. Installed Security/Fire/Supervisory systems in their first three buildings, using a RADIONICS 8112 panel on the first building, a RADIONICS 9112 panel on their second building, and a FOCUS 200 panel in their third building. We also pulled all the video cable in their third building.


Three locations. Installed Security and CCTV systems in each location to include Safe and Vault detection systems (Vibration, Audio, & Fire).


At the time of the install, this was the largest Canning Plant in the World. Designed and installed a very large Fire Sprinkler supervision system covering over 150 acres of buildings. We pulled and secured, every 36 inches, 30 miles of environmental cable. Installed fifteen armored cable, aerial drops, connecting 15 warehouses, 2 production buildings, and numerous cold storage and ripening buildings together as well as 2 completely separate Sprinkler Pump Control buildings. We installed water flow switches on 60 eight inch sprinkler risers with tampers, we installed 37 Fire Pull Stations throughout the plant. All points were connected via a dual data cable system into a RADIONICS Fire Alarm Control panel.

More satisfied clients

Deciding on a Company to use for your own personal safety and property protection is a serious decision, the following Companies we have installed systems for might help you in your decision process. All of these companies took considerable time and interviewed many other companies before deciding on which company to use for their security needs. For security reasons, we will not list the names of the hundreds of homes we have installed Security systems in, just look for our Yard Signs and you will know, we are a leader in residential protection.

Quad Knopf, Bakersfield, CA. Building security and cameras. Stockdale Tower in background.

West Coast Cash, Bakersfield, Porterville, Visailia, & Los Angeles, CA - 7 locations with Multi level Security & Total Connect capability.

Thrifty Wash, Bakersfield, CA. 8 locations. Installed Bi-Level security systems in each location with radio transmission of signals to our 24 Hour Central Station

Epic Jet Center, Bakersfield, CA. Installed a Security and Fire Alarm system throughout the building.

The Masonic Temple, Bakersfield, CA. Installed Cameras surrounding the building & internal Cameras and Security throughout the building.

Bakersfield Heart Clinic, Bakersfield, CA. Installed a computerized Card Access Control system to control all Entry and Exit doors.

Bakersfield Heart Clinic, Bakersfield, CA. Proximity Card Readers on all entry/exit doors

Vital Signs, Bakersfield, CA. Complete Building and Yard Security systems.

DMV, Clovis, CA. Complete Security, Fire, and Panic systems installed.

Bureau of Automotive Repair. Bakersfield, CA. Total Security and Fire Alarm system.

The Bakersfield "JAM" Basketball court building. Advanced Security installed a complete building Fire Alarm System.

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, Bakersfield, CA. Complete building Security, Fire, and a computerized Card Access Control system.

Golden Corral, Bakersfield, CA. Installed Security and Fire alarm systems throughout building.

EuroPhoria, Bakersfield CA. Health spas and Corporate Headquarters - Building Security and Cameras.

Dewar's Classic new location on Calloway. Building security systems installed in all locations.

Dewar's Ice Cream & Candy Shop, original location, Bakersfield, CA. Complete Security for all locations.

Farmer Boys Restaurant, California Ave, Bakersfield, CA. Installed a Security and CCTV system.

McDonalds - Ming Avenue, Bakersfield, CA. Complete Building Fire Alarm System installed.

Denny's Restaurant and Corporate Headquarters - Bakersfield, CA Complete Fire and Security Systems installed.

KC Steakhouse Bakersfield, CA Complete Security and Camera Systems installed throughout building.

Big Popy's Deli, Bakersfield, CA. Total building security

Central California Power, Shafter, CA. Complete building and Yard security with full sprinkler supervision.

Camille's Sidewalk Cafe, The Marketplace. Security system installed throughout building.

Apricot Lane, The Marketplace. Building Security systems installed.

Brimhall Community Health Center, Bakersfield, CA - Complete Security and Fire Alarms installed throughout building.

Rosedale Auto Sales, Bakersfield, CA. Full building security and cameras.

Central Park Antique Mall, Bakersfield, CA. Complete building security.

PC Repair Center, Bakersfield, CA. Complete Building Security.

Serenity & Wine Me Up, Bakersfield, CA. Complete Security and Fire.

Tilted Kilt, Bakersfield, CA. Full Building Security and Fire EVAC system installed.

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