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Orange County, CA
Irving, Texas

ADVANCED SECURITY has always consisted of two parts; your local Security Company that installs and services your Security System, and the Central Station that monitors the emergency signals transmitted from your Security System. Finding a Central Station that met our high standards was not done in haste!! One important standard was Redundancy. If one system failed there would be another one to back it up, this is important when dealing with emergency signals. National Monitoring Center (NMC) has two Central Stations, one located in Orange County, California and the other Central Station located in Irving, Texas. Your data base is maintained and updated at both Central Stations, should one go down, the other will back it up within seconds. No other Local Central Station could meet our standards and provide the professionalism that we were looking for.

Courtesy, when dealing with clients under stressful situations, it takes a cool head and a lot of experience from the Central Station operators in dealing with emergency situations. Calmness, Patience, and Courtesy are all important factors for a good Central Station operator. All conversations between the operators and the owners are recorded for later review so that a high standard can be maintained. All operators are trained in a classroom for 90 days and closely supervised for another 45 days before answering phones on their own. A Supervisor is always present with a minimum of 10 operators on duty, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All phones are answered within 2 rings by a live operator.

ADVANCED SECURITY has the ability to monitor who enters and leaves your property and at what time and date with E-mail reports sent to the owners of all activity. We can visually and audio verify the presence of an intruder during an alarm, this will ensure a faster response from the police department. We can receive all types of signals, ie. Burglary, Fire, Panic, Duress, etc., via any transmission path, ie., Phone, Radio, and Internet. We have the ability to watch your home or business from our Central Station and conduct video patrols of these areas through our computer network, and then notify you, and/or the police of any unusual situations, this service can help eliminate a guard service. Our Central Station is UL2050 listed under the new high security standards as well as Factory Mutual Approved for Fire monitoring.

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