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Bill Holt, President

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Prior to building ADVANCED SECURITY INC., Bill Holt had built four other Security Companies in Southern and Central CA. The last Company was KERN SECURITY INC., (1982-1993) located in Bakersfield, CA. Bill and his partner Mel Davis were the original owners and builders of one of the largest Security companies in Bakersfield CA. They were a Key Account customer of RADIONICS Security equipment and at key times had over 50 employees working either as a Guard, Central Station Operator, Installer, Service Technician, or in Administration. They received many Letters of Commendation for their excellent work. See Letter of Commendation from the Hopper Steel plant.

Prior to coming to Bakersfield, Bill Holt was President & Owner of ALARM SUB-CONTRACTORS of California, (1983-1986) located in La Jolla, CA and Irvine, CA. We were a prime contractor to all the Security companies in Southern California to include ADT, HONEYWELL, DYMAXION (See Letter of Commendation) and many other smaller alarm companies. We Contracted and completed over 2000 Security installations located throughout the San Diego and Orange County areas of Southern California. We Specialized in large scale residential security systems. The average size residence was 10,000 sq.ft., the largest residence completed was over 29,000 sq.ft. We also installed one of the largest CCTV systems in San Diego at General Dynamics.

Prior to moving to San Diego and Building Alarm Sub-Contractors, I, along with my old partner Mel Davis built a large Security Company in Santa Fe Springs, CA called ALL SYSTEMS SECURITY INC (1979-1983). We covered the entire Southern California area. We had an account base that extended from the Mexican border to Santa Maria, CA. ALL SYSTEMS SECURITY was a very unique Security Company, we had major chain accounts throughout Southern California, i.e. MARK C BLOOME Retail Tire stores as well as their corporate headquarters (See Letter of Commendation); JUDY'S Department clothing stores as well their corporate headquarters; THRIFTY & TARGET Gas stations as well as their corporate headquarters (See Letter of Commendation). Custom designed Security systems for the entire City of Cerritos, CA for a total of fifteen buildings, to include the City Hall, Olympic Swim Center, and Corporate yard (See Letter of Commendation.)

We specialized in large exterior security installations using Active Infrared, Microwave, E Flex, E Field, PerimAlert & Terminus fence technologies, as well as underground IDS seismic detection. Designed systems for Casablanca Fan Company, P.I.E. Trucking, Kent Browning Oldsmobile Car Dealership, Board Ford Car Dealership and many more.

NEWPORT SECURITY SERVICES INC. (1977-1979) - Newport Beach & Beverly Hills, CA. This was my first Company, we specialized in high-end, customized, residential security systems. Movie Stars, Directors, and Producers were some of our clients. We did their Beverly Hills homes and their summer vacation homes in Newport Beach, CA.

1975-1977 attended Orange Coast College - Business major

Prior to 1975, I was a soldier for the US Army for ten years (1965-1975) and was a Bomb Disposal Technician (EOD) that specialized in I.E.D.'s (Improvised Explosive Devices). I, with my EOD team, personally guarded the President of the United States, I've held the nations highest security clearances, I served in Viet Nam through 1968 and 1969 and was awarded two Bronze Star Medals, EOD's highest award at that time and still is today. We didn't have any fancy Bomb suites or remote controlled vehicles, we did everything by hand and there were no second chances. When you Volunteer for extremely dangerous work, you don't need a medal for doing your job, the job itself is medal enough.

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